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With your help and support, we have successfully finished these projects:


For this project $230 was collected. 

ICC Relied appreciates your donations and financial support. 

thank you

Zahra &Amir Campaign

Zahra and Amir are children being supported by ICC Relief. They live in the city of Khormorj in Iran. We were informed that the owner required them to vacate the house until the end of  Ramadan. 

With your help and generosity $2540 was collected in only 6 days. 

ICC Relief is extremely proud of our sponsors and charitable people in our community. 

these pictures are showing their current house. As soon as, they move to the new house, pictures will be uploaded here. 


thank you

Fundraising Campaign target exceeded 

ICC RELIEF decided to fundraise with the target $3500 to provide supported families with 18 fridges. 

We had volunteers cooked persian food called Fesenjan (Walnut Stew) for almost 300 people. We decided to leave the donation range up to people who would like to contribute to our fundraising event. 

The event was on Sunday 24th May 2020 and we are proud to announce that $6514 was raised and it was beyond our target. 

ICC RELIED appreciates your ongoing support and generosity. 

thank you

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