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Change a Child's Life

We Don't use children's photos because we are very serious about protecting their safety and privacy. Once you have sponsored a child , you will receive a picture of them in your sponsorship account.

3 simple steps to sponsor a child :

Personal Information

Step one: 

the first step is to fill out a form to receive your personal information such as your name and contact number.

Choose Your Preferred Child

Step two:

once your form has received, two working days, one of our team member will contact you..

Monthly Payment

Step Three:

We will help you to set up your monthly payment by Direct Debit. 

Now if you are ready, click the link below to start your journey

سرپرستی کودک در خارج از ایران

اگر ساکن ایران هستید و میخواهید از داخل کشور سرپرستی کودکی را قبول کنید لطفا اینجا کلیک کنید 

سرپرستی کودک در داخل ایران

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