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Afghan-Iranian Child Sponsorship Program:

This program is slightly different from our normal child sponsorship program.

We have a group of 16 children from 5 families who live in Tehran and Shiraz.

These children’s mothers are Iranian and their Afghan fathers either passed away or have abandoned them.

They are currently being helped by a very humble lady in Tehran who is looking after the families.

ICC Relief has visited the 16 children and reviewed their situation, and has decided to create a group program for all 16.

Where your money will go:

We collect all the donations for these children, in a similar way to our normal child sponsorship.
Instead of the normal child sponsorship which is $45 a month for a specific child, in this program you become a part of the sponsor group which includes all 16 children.
You may also donate on a monthly basis from only $5 or just donate as you wish. All donations are welcomed.

One Off Donation

Recurrent donation from $5

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